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Coquillage- SHELL : Alain Kantarjian | آلان كنتارجيان صَدَفة from Alain kantarjian on Vimeo.

SHELL- Coquillage – صَدَفة
This film tells the story of a child leaving his home by himself, in the middle of the night. His journey through nature takes him to the coast, by the garbage hill in Daora. Following streams of water, the element of metamorphosis, the child’s journey amounts to a rite of passage. Far from a psychological drama, the film revolves around the child’s choice to leave and break with his family and tradition.

With: Mohamad Rayanna, Ahmad Freiji, Mostafa Tarabichi, Mohamad Khodor
Narrator: Hamra Bou Eid
Camera: Georges Haddad, Ludovic Rivalan, Elias Nemr
Sound: Anthony Geara, Sylver Catton,
Visual artist: Anthony Geara


An Action For An Image by Fiete Stolte

Ng Ka Chun Hey Installation

I Think It Rains is an exhibition platform initiated by the Burger Collection. The launch exhibition was held May 17 to June 30, 2013 and was organized in collaboration with 1a space. Situated at the heritage site of the Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong, it presented works by some thirty artists and writers from Hong Kong and abroad. From Dusk Till Dawn, a full day and night of real-time activities supplemented the exhibition, and took place on May 24, 2013.


Antepenultieme-Daoura-Alain-Kantarjian PassWord : admin

Daoura Antépénultième
Court métrage, couleur, son, 13 :33 min
PhotoMed-Liban-Collection M.E.P « Maison Europeenne de la Photo » Paris.

Le projet filmique intitulé Antépenultième Daoura est consacré aux occupants d »une zone portuaire peu connu à Daoura/Beyrouth. Les habitants forment un groupe hétérogène et changeant, constitué de pêcheurs, de travailleurs étrangers, d »immigrants illégaux, de réfugiés, Continuer la lecture de « DAOURA ANTEPENULTIEME »


Le son est un médium largement exploré, mais peu connu de l’art contemporain. Ce film se penche plus en profondeur sur certaines des qualités poétiques de l’art sonore en documentant l’enregistrement et la production de la nouvelle oeuvre sonore & THAT WAS THE TROUBLE WITH ARISTOTLE du célèbre artiste américain Lawrence Weiner. Ce court-métrage est le document et d’un travail collectif et d’un portait non-verbal et ainsi surprenant de l’artiste dont l’oeuvre touche à des questions de la politique, du quotidien, et du jeu.
Video Extract
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The short movie by Alain Kantarjian was commissioned by Max and Monique Burger to document their family house in Marbella, which was constructed by the late Max Burger senior. It is located in the south of Spain, slightly withdrawn into a zone marked by abundant nature, by winding streets and pathways, and by a few dispersed private homes, not far away from the Strait of Gibraltar. Continuer la lecture de « DID YOU TELL ME »